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The Outcomes Star

opzioni24 Outcomes life-starThe Outcomes Star is a well-known visual tool for vulnerable people which empowers you to have an even greater say in how you  live your life.

http://www.accomacinn.com/?falos=binary-options-no-deposit-bonus-october-2016 The Star works by opening up a dialogue between you and someone you trust, such as your key worker.  It encourages you to reflect on and score how you feel about various areas of your life – from ‘being responsible’ to ‘people you know’ and ‘feeling good’.

This enhances the service our key workers provide, enabling them to pick up on any trends or sudden changes in people’s  feelings and outlook.

http://pashmere.it/what-are-tickets-roblox/ ‘The Outcomes Star is different from traditional approaches to measurement and assessment,’ explains Vikki Schadenberg, Referrals and Outcomes Co-ordinator at The Grange. ‘This approach encourages change to begin on the inside, empowering the person we support to open up with someone they trust.’

fma phoenix forex The Outcomes Star is a proven concept used widely in the NHS, in schools, in supported living services for people with learning disabilities and with many other vulnerable groups of people. It became perational throughout The Grange as of Spring 2016.