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Grange Creations fudge enterprise

Grange Creations is made up of Sue, Janice, Vicky and Lottie, their tutor Rachel and volunteer Sharon and together they make and sell fantastic fudge. Profits go back into the enterprise.

trading on line binario The group’s members have all gained catering and retail skills from working in The Grange@No5 shop, the Simply Scones cafe and customer service training in partnership with Waitrose. They were able to use their skills to research the fudge market, test different flavours and prices and design their brand.

quanto serve per investire la prima volta in opzioni digitali ‘Very often when we hold a stall, we sell out,’ says Janice. ‘The most popular flavours are chocolate orange, rum and raisin, raspberry ripple and caramel.’

A social enterprise

‘Grange Creations is a social business not a commercial enterprise,’ explains tutor Rachel Casey. ‘The aim is for people to have the chance to use the skills they have learnt and feel a sense of achievement but without the pressure of a production line. We make a large batch once a month and sell it on stalls, at fetes and online.’

Tastylia Purchase Without Prescription More enterprise groups planned

Enterprise groups are part of The Grange’s innovative Dayskills & Activities programme. We work with people we support to set up projects they want to take part in. More of these popular and successful groups planned for the future.