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IT & Newsletter group

Interviewing people, reviewing the latest films, going out to exhibitions and reporting on gadgets that help people with disabilities – these are just some of the things you can do in the IT & Newsletter group. This group is responsible for producing the Grange 4 U quarterly newsletter.

‘There was an existing newsletter but we went to the CEO and said we could do better,’ says Editor, Daniel, ‘and that’s how we started The Grange 4 U newsletter.’

The group is very mixed but really knows how to work as a team. Maria checks the emails to see what story ideas have come in and communicates these to other team members using Makaton signing.

They all decide on the editorial contents and get to work. Sarah reports on healthy eating and fashion and Adam loves to go out and review events. David specialises in jokes and reviews. Staff act as facilitators, enabling team members to use Microsoft Office on PCs or tablets.

‘It’s friendly and we have great fun!’ says Maria.

‘We help each other,’ says Sarah.

Currently, the Grange 4 U team are researching ideas that will make the IT side easier for some of their members – such as adjustable desks and grips for laptops.

The Grange is raising funds for a new IT suite which will allow more people to join friendly, creative groups like the Grange 4 U group.

The IT & Newsletter Group is part of our wide-ranging Skills & Activities programme.

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    IT Suite appeal

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