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Woodwork is an activity which teaches lots of skills. Everyone starts with the basics, learning how to use screwdrivers, hammers, saws and electric drills responsibly. Volunteers help out so that we can support and supervise people closely.

Very soon you will be working on projects such as bird boxes, bug houses, bat boxes and planters.

Customer orders

Many of the items we make are made to order for customers. We work on them as a team and everyone feels a sense of achievement when the item is complete and the customer calls to collect it. You can also design a project of your own to work on.

We recently extended our woodwork cabin to allow more people to learn woodworking skills

Selling our goods

Our woodwork items are sold in the Walled Garden Shop at The Grange and in the Inspirations shop in Dorking. We also sell at various stalls and fetes.