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Makaton: a parent's view

Those of us fortunate enough to have speech can only imagine how difficult life must be to have none at all.

Our son, who lives with this severe disability and has always been reliant on sign language to express himself, has been at The Grange for more than four years.  The personal benefits that he is reaping from the Makaton Communication Project which has become a recent addition to The Grange programme are enormous.

http://talkinginthedark.com/2011 Raising self esteem

http://hautplantade.com/?pemeb=iq-option-non-entra&4e3=a7 The enthusiastic support for the project from other clients and staff have raised his self-esteem through the feeling that the people around him really want to know and understand him.  He is evolving into a happy and confident young man who is comfortable in his environment where Makaton signs are used and accepted as an alternative means of communication.

http://althousesnursery.com/go34fs/hareov.php?sj=har-jiyo-shabad-lyrics-in-punjabi This valuable project has not just made a wonderful difference in everyday life for him, but has raised the general awareness of the value and need of helping all speech and language impaired people communicate.

Our son is a shining example of this and we as a family are grateful to the Grange and everyone there who is involved in the Makaton Communication Project.