Our Victorian conservatory is always in use - every day people we support with disabilites use it for lunch and it's a favourite tea break venue.

Meetings are held there, as well as boccia games and every Tuesday it plays host to our Simply Scones tea room. 

In Summer, however, it gets very warm and almost too bright to see. You can see from the photo that we sometimes have to put parasols up inside!

If we had better blinds it would be more comfortable and we could use it for more activities.

Blinds for a Victorian conservatory do not come cheap but they really would make a big difference to people we support and to all our visitors.

Two years ago we installed partial blinds over someof the panes at a cost of £5000 funded by The Grange. It soon became clear that the area requiring blinds was actually larger than originally thought and therefore additional bespoke blinds need to be made at a cost of £5,000.

That's why we're appealing for any help you can give to help us meet this cost.