Come and run five colourful, fun kilometres and have colour powder thrown at you and support The Grange!

We've been chosen by Inspire Races to receive funds raised at the run. Colour5k is one of the craziest fun runs you will ever experience and great to do with friends, family or colleagues. You can run, walk or stroll at your pace - speed is not a priority, colour is….

Every kilometre there is a colour zone that runners pass through. Here, willing helpers known as the Colour Bandits shower you and your white t-shirt with our special 100% safe colour powder, with each colour zone having a specific colour. As you go, the colours build, until by the end of the course you have become a masterpiece.

At the finish line we have a huge colour extravaganza, where you get to throw colour at your friends, family and people you don’t even know.

There is one rule: You have to wear the white T shirt you are given at the start, like a blank canvas and then let the colour begin.

Event Schedule

• 10:00 am Registration Opens

• 11:30am Colour Bandit Briefing

• 11:40 Children’s Race Briefing

• 11:40 Children’s Colour Bandits to Positions

• 11:45 Children’s Warm Up – Dorking Sports Centre

• 12:00am Colour Bandits in Position

• 12:00 Children’s Run Starts

• 12:10 5km Race Briefing

• 12:15 5km Warm Up – Dorking Sports Centre

• 12:30 5km Run Starts

• 1:30 & 2pm Colour Extravaganzas at the finish line

• 2:30pm Time to go home Starts 10am, ends 1pm.

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