10,000 hours of voluntary community work – that’s what Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) committed its employees to achieving nationally this year. The Grange benefited from over 100 of those hours kindly donated by staff in several DWP offices and centres in the south east.

Here’s what they did for us:

10 - Mel and Sue of DWP Epsom Job Centre – spent 10 hours, painting a shed and bin store

10 - Simon Mackie Guildford Job Centre Plus, spent 10 hours sanding our Golden cow ready to be auctioned off as part of the Cow Parade event

3 - Kay Reynward, TFEA Surrey, ran a CV workshop support for 3 hours

9 - Two members of staff from Fraud and member of staff from Epsom Job Centre Plus cleared the garden lof our Acorns flats in Bookham for 9 hours

25 - Karen, Mel, Sue, Julie and Sharmin from the Partnership Team Epsom, redecorated Inspirations in Dorking 25 hours

20 - Mel, Sue Hannah and Karen jet washing patio, gardening and clearing up area for Summer Fun 20 hours

30 - Mel, Sue and Steph spent 30 hours making bunting for Christmas and Summer events