Our Creative Arts & Textiles team is designing a Grange product range using designs created by people we support.

The products will be out early in 2018 and include wrapping paper and cards and gifts such as pencil cases and bags made in our own fabric designs. 

'People in Creative arts love seeing their designs on gifts and other products and customer want to buy them,' explains Tutor, Claire Beasley, 'the problem is how to produce quality goods in small quantities without the price being too high. The solution has been to work with other organisations.'

Bags of Love, an online gift and personalisation company has stepped in and offered The Grange a discount on digitally printed fabric.  See the Bags of Love website 

Meanwhile our card designs are being printed by students at Treloars College in Hampshire - two mini businesses working together.

Pictured above is budding designer, Anissa, with her robot-themed design on a fabric pencil case and cards. The design also works well on wrappiing paper. Anissa thinks the project is a good idea. ‘It makes me feel happy and relaxed,’ she says.  ‘I’ll be buying them for friends and family and they will be proud of me.’

 More products are planned for the future.