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Access For All – Please Sign!

Access For All – Please Sign!

A petition has been set up, to ask Surrey County Council to reconsider their decision not to support #Bookham in a bid for Network Rail’s #AccessForAll funding scheme.
The scheme aims to provide selected stations with an accessible bridge with lifts, making rail travel more inclusive, and facilitating access for all.
Two of the people we support, Lottie and Luke, thought they would go to #BookhamStation & assess the situation for themselves. Both felt that the signage could be clearer but Luke, who is partially sighted, found the steps very difficult to negotiate and felt that adding some form of textured tile at the end of the large step, half way down the bridge, would be better than nothing. We do have residents who use wheelchairs, there is no way they can use the station nor can those that might wish to access our day skills and commute to us via rail.
This of course does not just affect those with disabilities, but also restricts those that have pushchairs, heavy luggage and the elderly.
This could effect you one day, so please help us and those in our community by signing this petition.


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