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Grange Christmas Concert 2021

Booking is now open for this event via the Yehudi Menhuin Website.
Please visit: https://themenuhinhall.co.uk/event/the-grange-christmas-concert-2021/42200

Start the Christmas season with a wonderful fun evening of carols and songs showcasing the talent of people with disabilities and local choral societies.

Covid 19 Information
By attending an event at The Grange, you confirm that NOBODY in your household has experienced any of the following symptoms over the past 10 days: a HIGH TEMPERATURE (feels hot to touch on chest or back) or a NEW PERSISTENT COUGH (if you normally have a cough, it may be worse than usual), AND that you have not been in contact with anyone else with these symptoms over the past 14 days. If you subsequently develop any of these symptoms, you will inform The Grange.
·        Please take a flow test on the day of the concert, and stay away if it is positive.
·        Do not come if you have any Covid symptoms (persistent cough, change of taste/smell, high temperature) even if you have a negative flow test on the day.
·        Wear your face covering when moving around the concert hall.  You may remove it once seated, but if you feel able to wear it throughout the concert it would be even better.
·        When you arrive, please do not stand around chatting, but head for your seat to avoid creating a crowd in the foyer.  Similarly, at the end of the concert please scoop up your relative(s) and head out rather than wait in the foyer.
·        When you have collected your drink and mince pie at the bar during the interval, please go outside for a few minutes of fresh air (if it’s not too cold) or otherwise do what you can to avoid the crowds.  We will also open doors during the interval to ensure a change of air in the concert hall.
·        We are all well drilled in infection control these days, so please do everything you can to keep transmission risk to a minimum.

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