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My Christmas Thoughts – © Jack Muggleton Nov 2019

My Christmas Thoughts – © Jack Muggleton Nov 2019

Jack is not only a talented artist but a gifted poet too! Here is his poem which he read so eloquently for us at our Christmas Carol Concert this year entitled: My Christmas Thoughts

My Christmas thoughts – ©Jack Muggleton

Dark nights, roast dinners

Roast potatoes – there’s never enough

Nah, to Brussel sprouts

Yes to pigs in blankets

Prefer bread sauce to cranberry

And it’s ice cream for me – not Christmas pudding

At home with the whole family – Mum, Dad, two brothers and sister

Grandparents not there

They’re in care

Pull the crackers – never ever wear the hat

Sometimes we read the jokes – groan

I buy a box of chocolates for the family

Heroes or Celebrations – everyone looks for their favourite

People put on a little weight

I don’t go out it’s far too cold

I like sitting at the laptop watching videos

There’s one that I like about dominoes

Push the end one and they all fall down

No we need to get comfy indoors and pretend we’re in a Finnish sauna

Turn that heat up!

On Boxing Day we visit grandparents

Grandma is not what she used to be

It’s her hearing, Dad has to speak louder

Life goes on as normal despite the festive season

We have to cheer ourselves up – we need a reason

I love Christmas music

The radio plays the old time tracks

All I want for Christmas is You

Christmas too commercial?

Really depends on the person

I’m very balanced

Another decade coming to an end –

Don’t know what it will hold

New Year’s resolutions? – nah, never do ‘em

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