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Top five fundraising ideas

Fundraising is much easier when you do it with friends or work colleagues. Why not invite a Grange speaker – we’ll bring a stall, show our video and introduce you to people we support. Call us on 01372 452 608

1. Social and interest groups 

If you are a member of the Women’s Institute, Rotary, a gardening club, choir or arts society – fundraising is easy. You can organise any of the classic community fundraisers: Cake bake, Plant sale, Quiz night, Raffle or Bring and Buy at one of your meetings.

  • The Ashtead Link Group chose the Grange as their chariity of the year and raised over £1,000 from their monthly raffles and suppers.
  • Epsom Probus raised £250 for us from their regular raffles.

2. Sports events 

If you are a member of a golf or cycling club it’s easy to hold a fundraising event because you already have a group of people that you can contact easily and who share your interest.

Reigate Heath Golf Club organised a Charity Golf Day at their club. They raised money by

  • Selling tickets that included a game of golf and lunch
  • Organising a talk by the CEO of The Grange
  • Holding a humorous auction event with donated prizes  including rounds of golf and a private flight
  • Total raised:  £2,400 (including Gift Aid)

3. School or work

The cake bake is always a winner. These can be held in the coffee break or at lunchtime:

  • Get permission
  • Put up posters/get Grange leaflets from us
  • Ask volunteers to bake a few cakes each
  • Perhaps introduce a competition for ‘best cake’
  • Ask for donations – people will pay more

Norma raised £300 with a cake bake at home and also sold crafts made at The Grange

Virgin Bank in Dorking raised over £100 from two lunchtime cake sales.

4. Dress down Friday

Easy peasy fundraising! Charge a fee for coming to school or work in casual gear. All you need is:

  • Permission from school or work
  • Posters
  • Charge a set fee (good for schools) or a donation (good for work)
  • Decide where you will collect money, eg at the office entrance or walk round office with a collecting tin

5. Corporate charity schemes

If your employer runs a ‘Charity of the Year’ or other charity support scheme scheme, please put The Grange forward for consideration. UNUM charity raised over £20,000 for us in the past.

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