Our purpose

The Grange Centre for People with Disabilities provides vital services supporting people with learning disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

We believe everyone is different but everyone has potential and our support workers have seen people learn to cook, improve their communication, get a work placement, paid work or even move into independent living in the community. 

The Grange was founded in 1938 as 'The School of Stitchery and Lace' by Miss Julia Sweet. A talented needlewoman, she was a pioneer in teaching skills to young women with disabilities so that they could gain employment and support themselves. The School had a reputation for high quality work and made many royal commissions.

The School has a quirky collection of letters commissioning clothes and embroidered gifts. A letter from Queen Elizabeth's nurse asks the School to make a copy of her favourite dress as she had grown out of it. Read more about our history and our Heritage Room

Our work today 

The Grange is unique in Surrey as we are able to offer accommodation, care support and a wide range of skills training and activities all on one beautiful 8-acre site in Bookham. Our services are most suited for people with light to moderate disabilities. 

We are a regulated care provider, a charity and a housing association and we provide three services - Residential Care for those with higher care  needs, Supported Living for people working towards independence and Skills & Activities - a wide range of training, work experience and mini businesses.

Grange at a Glance 

114 - Number of people we support

128 - Number of staff

110 - Number of volunteers

16 -   Places in our Residential Care service

41 -   Flats and bedsits in Supported Living service onsite 

29 -   People we support offsite in our own or other properties

30 -   Local employers providing work experience 

4 -     Shops for retail and customer skills 

2 -     Cafes providing work experience in a safe environment

5 -     Mini enterprises providing a taste of real work