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Past, Present and Future

Past, Present and Future

For our Heritage Day our Creative Arts team created an installation symbolising the Past, present and future of The Grange. This was depicted on #Cyanotype banners created during many #art sessions by our dedicated and inspiring people we support.
The journey started in our Heritage Room where we took photographs and copied them on transparencies. The next step was printing them on the banners by using a Cyanotype photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Engineers used the process in the 20th century as a simple process to produce copies of drawings, referred to as blueprints.
On our walks around The Grange we picked up various plants and pressed them in a flower press. We then used the pressed plants and some everyday art objects to create those banners.
We think that the future of The Grange is about people and this is why we used our hand prints to represent us and all the new people who will come and continue building The Grange as a happy, empowering and inspiring place.

We were also inspired by Forest Listening, an audio visual installation by artist Liz K Miller.


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