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Healthy and fitness is a major theme running through everything we do at The Grange. We all find it challenging to eat well and get enough exercise so we make sure people with a learning disability get some extra support in this area.

Healthy Lifestyle co ordinator

Brenna is our dedicated staff member over seeing our healthy living programme. She works with all staff to ensure people we support understand how to plan and cook healthy meals and how to build exercise into their daily routine.

Healthy eating

Staff in our Granary kitchen teach small groups how to cook low fat meals. We also have volunteers who can help a person cook and freeze healthy meals for the coming week.  Our Catering team cook and sell lunches twice a week and are always looking for ways to reduce fat and sugar content in what they cook.


When it comes to exercise, there’s something for everyone – from trampolining to tennis, cycling to sailing, boccia to barge trips and the Wednesday Wiggle Workout Walk a Mile round the site.

Watch the Video

Sport For All

We work with organisations such as local gyms and fitness classes, Swans Club at Leatherhead Leisure Centre, Special Olympics, Surrey Outdoor Learning, Superheroes triathlon and cycling events, Community Golf and Mole Valley Council who provide excellent sport and fitness opportunities. There is a hydrotherapy pool on site.

See the video of Anthony at the go kart track below.

Passport To Fitness

We all need an incentive and this scheme, sponsored by local company UNUM, provides everyone we support with a red passport in which they receive reward points for any sporting activity they undertake. Points mean prizes, such as earphones or water bottles.


Slimline Mary Anne

Mary Anne was delighted when she lost over stone on a diet with support from a dietician, care staff and family members.

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