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Enterprise groups are part of The Grange’s innovative Skills & Activities department. We work with people we support to set up mini businesses they want to take part in. More of these popular and successful groups are planned for the future.

Grange Creations fudge enterprise 

Grange Creations is a mini fudge making enterprise. The team makes and sells fantastic fudge and all the profits go back into the business.

Team members are involved at every stage – researching new flavours, testing different packaging and pricing and stocktaking. The group supplies Denbies Vinyard and Vineries Garden Centre as well as selling at stalls and markets.

Very often when we hold a stall, we sell out. The most popular flavours are chocolate orange, rum and raisin, raspberry ripple and caramel.” Janice, fudge team member

‘Grange Creations is a social business not a commercial enterprise,’ explains tutor Rachel Casey. ‘The aim is for people to have the chance to use the skills they have learnt and feel a sense of achievement but without the pressure of a production line. We make a large batch once a month and sell it on stalls, at fetes and online.’

To order fudge contact rachel.casey@grangecentre.org.uk or Tel 01372 452 608

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The ‘MAKE’ catering group

The ‘Make’ mini business is a catering enterprise and over 60 people we support are now involved. The aim is to give people real hands-on catering experience at the same time as making sure people have easy access to healthy meal options.

We take orders for specially iced celebration cakes  (anything from a drum to a Minion) sponge cakes and loaf cakes and scones. We supply a local community cafe with scones every week.

Cooking with a purpose is much more fun and each week we offer Monday and Thursday lunches for staff and people we support to buy. Tuesday Teas is another line we’ve introduced – for a very low price people at The Grange can buy a healthy dish to take back to their flat and heat up.

Finally we are challenging fast food with a new line in take away suppers on a Friday night. We’re creating healthier versions of takeaway favourites such as pizza, pasta and Chinese dishes.

To order scones and cakes contact catering@grangecentre.org.uk or Tel. 01372 452 608

Book order fulfilment 

Picking, packing posting – these are the three main tasks for our Books Beyond Words team. They fulfil orders for the publishing company of the Books Beyond Words series. These powerful visual books have titles such as ‘Falling in Love’ and ‘Am I Going to Die?’ and help people with learning disabilities with the difficult issues of life.

They are very popular and each week the Enterprise Team receive new online orders which they process and fulfil. They invoice the publisher, also a social enterprise, for their work.

Recently the team took part in trialling a new book ‘Going to Church’ and attended its launch at Lambeth Palace.

About Books Beyond Words

The company was set up by Professor Sheila Hollins in 1989 as part of her work in the psychiatry of disability, helping people with learning disabilities understand their feelings. 

Reading groups and drama clubs have sprung up using the books as a basis. There are now 56 titles dealing with health, death in the family, going into hospital, etc. 

To order books see www.booksbeyondwords.co.uk

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