Our state-of-the-art IT suite sponsored by Karten CTEC centres offers a world of creativity. Over 40 people attend sessions here each week. 

You can work alone or with assistance. Tables are height adjustable at the touch of a button and there is room for a support worker to sit beside you.

Everyone chooses what they would like to work on. You might like to design a photography project, a recipe collection or a video, or perhaps work with the team on 'Grange4U', our quarterly newsletter. 

We teach you first how to use programmes and go online safely.
After that it's up to you - whatever you want to do!
Scott Goddard, IT Tutor 

Making models on the 3D printer 

You can print all kinds of small models - dinosaurs, characters from Star Wars and Dr Who, pencil pots and even the leaning Tower of Pisa.

Interactive whiteboard

Try the large scale board - it lets you play the piano or drums or watch an informative video.


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