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Surrey Artist Open Studios – Plastic Magic

Surrey Artist Open Studios – Plastic Magic

We are taking part in the Surrey Artists Open Studios where members of the public are invited to come and see the work of our incredibly talented people. We are open 11 – 5 today and tomorrow and throughout Sunday at our Big Celebration Picnic. Yesterday we met not one but at least 4 ‘Trash’ monsters, with headdresses worthy of #royalascot, on site as we went on an unusual walk and dance around the Grange. Our people, staff & volunteers really got into the spirit of the occasion as cheers of ‘Every Day is an Earth Day’ and ‘Say No To Plastic’ could be heard all over The Grange – we definitely got the message across! This is just one type of art medium our Creative Arts Team conjure up! #royalascothats #royalascot2022 #savetheworld #savetheearth #plastic #plasticfree #plasticwaste #plasticpollution #SayNoToPollution #saynotoplastic #saynotoplastic #saynotoplastics #SayNoToPlasticBottles


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