Our wishlist 

Many Grange supporters like to fundraise for a specific item that will have a positive impact on someone's life and learning. The convection baking oven above, bought for us by Cargills, helps people we support bake larger quantities for our Simply Scones tea room and baked goods orders. The items listed below will help people we support get more out of the services we provide.

Table and chairs for Victoria Lodge 

People we support in Victoria Lodge, a small group house for people preparing for more independent living, would love to have a new table and chairs in their communal dining.

This set is for Argos and costs just £309. 


The following items will help people who may not have 100% dexterity to fully participate in all the activities:

  • Microwave oven – £259.99
  • Chairs for main house kitchen
  • Glass presentation cake stands x 5 @£10 each, Ikea for our Simply Scones tea room 

Horticulture & Woodwork

Potting, planting, pruning and propagating – it all takes place in our horticulture department! We also create bespoke planters, bird boxes and numerous other items during the woodwork sessions which take place in our new woodwork workshop. Here are some items that we need for this department:

  • Selection of garden tools 
  • Fruit cage with solid posts 
  • 2 x high end drills @£150 each – for woodwork
  • Small, easy to carry watering cans for use on individual plots, £15.08

Creative Arts and Textiles

A dynamic department, the Tutors are always striving to create interesting sessions for the people we support. With our new Studio Three now in action for film animation, a rostrum adn lighting kit would make a big difference: 

Inspirations shop, Dorking

Epsom House

 Bookham office:

  • Proper filing cabinet
  • iPads to write notes, etc.

Thank you!

  • IRESS company in Bookham for the gift of three new sets of easy read baking scales
  • The Kitchen Shop, Weybridge for great discounts on Beka pans and mini woks, and The Monday Café, Albury who raised the funds for them
  • Cargills for donating a convection oven costing £1440 enabling people in catering sessions to increase the production of items such as scones and cakes to meet demand
  • The John Ede Trust for supplying us with 3 Proloquo2Go apps, greatly improving the communication possibilities for people with impaired speech

For any further information on any of these items, please contact Marion Chow on 01372 455231 or email: [email protected]