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Thoughts about Lockdown

Thoughts about lockdown during Covid 19

Grange Line

Grange At No. 5 Bubble

As we have been cautiously relaxing our lockdown measures we have started to form Grange Bubbles.  One such is for some of our people who live in our Bookham Village accommodations; they are meeting a couple of times a week in our Grange at No. 5 shop – hence the title The Grange At No. 5 Bubble.  Although the premises remains closed to the public, it is the ideal place for our off site people to get together and resume some of their sessions.  After many days, indeed months of being apart, they discussed how they are and have been feeling during the Lockdown period and what they’ve been up to, with their tutors.

First and foremost they described their feelings, these ranged from an emotional build-up, confusing, frustrated, tearful, depressed and sadness.

Janice with mask
off site painting
Sue making pom poms

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