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Being a buddy is one of the nicest things you can do for a person with learning disabilities. It means you offer to be a friend, visiting occasionally or maybe even going out for a coffee.

People with disabilities are used to staff being with them because they are paid to be, but to have a friend or visitor is very special. Some people at The Grange have no family members left and can be very lonely. 

How does it work?

We pair you up with someone at The Grange of a similar age who has similar interests to you – sport, arts, shopping, cycling, playing board games, etc. We’ll introduce you to the person, and stay with you and see how things go.

Do I need special training? 

You only need the training all volunteers receive. What you do need is patience and a sense of humour. You will not be placed in a position of responsibility or be expected to deal with any challenging behaviour.

For a chat, call our Volunteer Co ordinator, Karen Pinchbeck on Tel. 01372 455224.

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