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Some 74% of people think about leaving a legacy to charity in their will – but only 7% actually do!

There are various reasons why – from wanting to put family first to believing they have nothing to leave.

Worse still, 28 million people in the UK have not even made a will.

Legacy facts

  • Only by making a will can you be sure your wishes will be carried out
  • You do not have to leave a specific amount to a charity 
  • Your charity gift can come out of the remainder of your estate after your other wishes have been carried out 
  • You can change and update your will at any time 
  • It is not difficult or expensive to make a will

Already have a will?

If you already have a will, it is easy for your solicitor to add a codicil ( a short paragraph) leaving a legacy to The Grange.

Free will writing

Every year solicitors take part in a national free will writing week. The Grange can put you in touch with a solicitor offering this service.

How your legacy would benefit The Grange

To a small charity like us, a legacy can mean a big leap forward in our plans. It could buy equipment that makes someone’s life easier or it could replace one of the vehicles we depend on to take people out into the community. 

Previous legacies have helped us in the following ways:

Tools and equipment

Lightweight watering cans and wheelbarrows are easy for people with disabilities to use. Machine tools such as mowers and strimmers which make less noise are good for people with autism who find loud noise  difficult.


Without our fleet of vehicles we would not be able give people choice about their activities and work experience.

Everyday we take people out and about to the shops, on outings, to doctors’ appointments, sports events and outings.

A legacy gift can replace a vehicle or help us by a new one.

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