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5 concerns employers have about disability placements

5 concerns employers have about disability placements

Top 5 concerns employers have about work placements for people with disabilities 

As Work Experience Co ordinator at The Grange, you often come across great potential employers who could offer work to someone with a learning disability but they’re too afraid to do it!

Part of the job is to dispel these concerns and help employers see that offering work experience to people with learning disabilities is a win win for them and the person concerned. Here are the top 5 worries:

1. We haven’t got enough time or staff to support someone with a disability

No problem, The Grange offers one-to-one support in the workplace if needed especially in the first few weeks. This takes any strain off the employer.

2. I’m not sure if the work we have would be relevant

We are skilled at job matching. We look at people’s skills and find appropriate roles in the work place. Sometimes we can ‘job carve’ which involves slicing off a very small part of an existing job which can be done by a person with a disability.

3. We don’t know what to expect and how to communicate with someone with a disability

We are always supportive to our employers making sure that they feel confident when offering someone a work  opportunity. We offer help and advice on specific ways the employer can support the person, eg explaining things  very clearly and breaking tasks down into small steps.

4. I don’t have insurance to take on someone with a disability

All you need to give someone with a disability a work placement is a current Employers Liability Insurance document which most employers have already. We manage all other paperwork, taking away any extra work from employers.

5.We don’t have the capacity to take someone on for a long period of time

Work experience is always a short term arrangement. If you offer someone an opportunity it will be just a morning or afternoon a week and may last from 6 weeks up to 18 weeks if everyone is happy.

If you are an employer and are interested or you would like to provide a job or work experience opportunity to one of the people we support please call us on 01372 452 608

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